In Memory of My 1st Born

Lhwhyh's Story


Meet Lhwhyh

Lhwhyh was the firstborn child of four children.  He was a loving and unique son and big brother.  He was very kind and patient with his siblings and showed his mom, unconditional love, daily.  He made being a mother easy and rewarding.


F@&% Asthma

I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of one. It was severe and required a lot of my mom's attention.  As I got older it appeared to get better and my trips to the hospital decreased over the years.  In June of 2013, I suffered a severe asthma attack that claimed my life.  My mom and three siblings watched as I took my last breath.  My last moments were spent with the ones who loved me the most.


A Mother's First Love

Losing my Lhwhyh was the hardest thing I've ever had to face in parenthood.  My career and life's journey is dedicated to my firstborn son and his memory.  Everything I do is for him and through him.  My boy was full of love and happiness. Through his honor, I will share his love and legacy with the world. 
Taneshia Carey